Music Video Production

Music Video Production has long turned into an art form of it self.

The styles of music videos are plenty, ranging from concert gigs, studio setups, backstage videos to highly sophisticated little movies with a story arch.

The difference in quality and entertainment value is a biggy in the field.

Proper audio quality - good sound is crucial for a nice viewing experience and the possibility of some virality.

Most music videos today, are produced for online consumption.

Often the use cheap DSLR cameras or GoPro and even ipod Nanos (the video edition) to shot cool stuff.

If it must be professional, with a filmic look and stylish slow motion scenes, most directors choose to work with RED CAMERAS and master in the upcoming 4k format.

The advantage of this format is cinematic quality, enhanced vision like super slow motion, with gives a surreal effect, a huge color space and plenty of data to create "the look" in post production.

Currently, the "Gold Standard" in cameras is the RED EPIC, that comes in a color and a black and white version.

Shooting with the EPIC is considered future proof in regard to the next generation of ultra high definition tv screens and home cinema systems.

do your music career some good and ask for a talented director, shooting on RED!