is a platform for music video production. It connects musicians with video producers and the audiences.

Bands and solo musicians can pitch their project ideas and find a video producer, director, camera man to help in producing that video idea.

Other artists and performers from dance, theatre and film as well as visual artists can offer their skills for collaboration on the casting wall.

Budgets may range from super low budget demo video to properly planned full scale film production. There may be solo videomakers as well as complete film production teams to help with the production of your video.

The platform works as a 2-sided bidding platform, where the artist come together to collaborate.

Musicians describe their projects, upload the reference track, set the dramatic outline in the online tool, add ideas for story as well as one or more locations for the shoot.

Video producers place their bids and availability.

When a match is made, the platform helps to keep everything on track, prepping the shoot, editing the final clip, handling the payment distribution as well as showcasing the final work.