Music Videos / Clips

hi erverybody, i am looking for cool music videos from all over the net.

I want to publish a collection of links on this site.

Of course, youtube has thousands - but there are often issues with the "royality societies" blocking the content ... yes. it is wicked. the artist, publisher, the label pays a big paycheck to produce the thing and then its prohibited to be on display by oldschool dinosaur regulations.

Guess, this will change.

Many artists do now publish without being a member in such organisations, which will help to have the good stuff circulate and the old structures die away.

The big question

any other cool music video websites out there, that you recommend - please contact me - let´s enjoy the art and culture of music videos!

MTV - where have you gone?

It was cool while it lasted. MTV playing music videos all day long, day and night.

Who are your favorite music clip stations?

Where do you watch them?